Kreysler and Associates has been leading the way in the use of composite materials in construction since its establishment in 1982. Born out of the high performance boat industry, the company was founded to bring proven marine materials and techniques to the construction industry. What started out as a modest venture has become an internationally recognized enterprise known for its innovation, creativity and craftsmanship.

Since our start in 1982 we have been pioneers in adapting state-of-the-art technology to problem-solving in construction, art and design. We built our first CNC milling machine in 1985 to create large-scale sculptures based on 3-D laser scanning. We have been instrumental in advancing building codes and industry standard specifications. We have worked with internationally known artists, architects and engineers, using composite materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to address complex construction challenges; we have even worked on a project to create tools to measure dark matter. We have helped build blockbuster movie sets, rehabilitated a number of landmark historical buildings throughout the United States, and won numerous awards for the creative use of composite materials. Among our awards are two of the prestigious ACE Best in Show award for excellence in Composite Manufacturing, given annually by the American Composite Manufacturers Association.

Using our knowledge of FRP materials and manufacturing methods, we have been providing our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of architectural, sculptural and industrial applications, for over twenty-five years.